Wire Worm

Wire Worm

Remove telephone wires and more from your images


  • Removes wires and other unsightly aspects in photos
  • Good color matching feature


  • Takes time to learn


Wire Worm is a plugin for for graphics design program Photoshop.

It can be frustrating when your vacation photos are ruined by unsightly telephone wires, cable lines, or other objects. Wire Worm is a plugin that offers a solution for this problem.

Wire Worm can help you remove objects that distract from your digital photos. You can use native editing features of Photoshop like the clone stamp or healing brush but Wire Worm comes with a set of features that will make the erasing process much simpler.

There is a specific tool in Wire Worm designed for easy selection of long thin objects like wires in your photos, for one. A color matching tool lets you patch over the spots where you're removing objects. In addition, you can undo any mistakes you make during the process.

Wire Worm does take some time to learn and installation can be a little tricky. Once you get the hang of it though, this will become a useful tool in perfecting your photographs.

Once you get used to using it, Wire Worm can be indispensable in removing unwanted objects from your digital photos.

Wire Worm


Wire Worm

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